What We Do

Diversity Students Graduation Success Celebration ConceptWe screen chiropractors seeking employment and create profiles of clinics seeking to employ them. With this information, we are able to match the two so that they complement one another in the workplace, maximizing opportunities for each to be successful. The complementing alignment of employee and employer profiles is what Parliament Staffing is designed to produce.

We have worked hard to create a bank of employers, or clinics, seeking qualified doctors of chiropractic. The clinics provide Parliament Staffing with information regarding their particular needs and a description of the qualities they are seeking in doctors who want to interview for a position. We then create a clinic profile with details that allow us to match the candidate doctor to the clinic, or what we like to call, the ‘DC2C’ alignment.

By interacting with various organizations, institutions and contacts, we recruit potential candidates seeking employment as
chiropractors. Candidates are screened through a series of instruments and their profile is also created using their qualifications and career goals. By ‘casting the net’ across a field that is devoted to producing qualified chiropractors, Parliament Staffing finds qualified, competent candidates and eliminates costly and time-draining staffing processes which do not adequately filter job seekers nor match them to compatible facilities.

Chiropractor adjusting a female patientThe information gleaned from these two processes is then merged to connect the most compatible match between the employer and the job seeker. The initial interview is then arranged and if the interview results in positive interaction and the candidate is hired, Parliament Staffing continues to provide support in the negotiation of a contract, training and continuous support for up to six months. This interfacing of personality traits with the workplace leads to a harmonious blend which is more likely to result in satisfaction and success for all.