Professional Development, or PD, is on-going in any dynamic career. If you want to ‘move up’ in the chiropractic profession, you must undergo continuous training to keep abreast of best practices, best technology and equipment and the ever-changing knowledge of the human body.

The Associate

Chiropractic school teaches students how to become good doctors. But it takes time to develop the expertise needed for the success which only experience and effective mentoring can provide. For this reason, Parliament Staffing has built into our program a segment of time for support. During the first six months, the new-hire will function as an associate. The associate status is a period during which a young chiropractor establishes the qualities of professionalism which are critical for success. This ‘boot camp’ will address the tenets of chiropractic by mentoring new-hires in areas of comportment, bed-side manner, leadership, managerial and goal-setting. Goal-setting will be given priority since growth and development are derived from established goals.

Parliament Staffing will provide support for the newly hired doctor in various ways. It’s the goal of our company to help the receiving clinic teach the new doc how to be a good practitioner, as well as, a successful business person. Associate doctors will receive support for up to six months with the following Parliament Staffing Resources:

  • The Basic Procedures & Guidelines
  • The Glossary of Terms
  • The Position Responsibilities
  • The Scripts
    • Doctor-Patient Dialogue – English Version
    • Doctor-Patient Dialogue – Spanish Version
  • The Personal Support and Mentoring
    • Online Support
    • Calls to Candidate at Various Intervals

By using our clinics’ basic procedures as reference, Parliament Staffing can assist receiving clinics in producing trained doctors through seamless interfacing. Receiving clinics will benefit from a doctor who is ready to treat patients and will develop expertise and managerial skills in an expedited manner in order to ‘run the show’.