For Employer- $4000.00

Currently there are many online job boards such as Indeed, Monster, Jobungo and LinkedIn. Each of these will charge employers per post or per ‘click’. A quick search revealed that most of these services charge from $195 to $375 per post for a 30-day listing, or 25¢ to $5 per ‘click’. There is insufficient data to support the success of many of these job sites. If employment agencies are finding the doctor for your clinic, their fees range from 10% to 30% of the position’s first-year salary. * For professionals in our field, that cost could range from $8,000-$24,000! Parliament Staffing eliminates outrageous fees and the hit-and-miss approach and saves you the angst associated with culling through dozens of applications only to come up empty-handed.

  • Fee is collected only when Employer ‘activates’ the listing on file by contacting Parliament Staffing.
  • Reimbursement Guarantee**

*Source: www.costhelper.com

**Reimbursement Guarantee – If six weeks after signing a contract the new-hire is unable to fulfill his duties at the assigned clinic or if the receiving clinic’s employer decides that the new-hire is unable to fulfill his duties at the assigned clinic as described in the contractual agreement, each party will receive a reimbursement equal to 80% of fees which have already been paid. In the event that either party decides to initiate a new search, 100% of the fees already paid will be applied to the new search.