Parliament Staffing Services

For Candidate

  • Job Placement
    • Job Match Alerts with pertinent information on positions available such as, salary range, job title, days position has been open and miles away
    • Interview Preparation
  • Training
    • Online Training on field-related topics
    • Online Self-assessment
  • Associate Status Benefits
    • Mentoring from Parliament Staffing for up to six Months
    • Online Q & A
  • Resources – These items are detailed in ‘Resources’ page of this website
    • Overview of Basic Procedures & Guidelines
    • Glossary
    • Position Responsibilities
    • Scripts

For Employer

  • Applicant Screening
  • Background Check
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Interview Set Up
  • References
  • Referrals (If available)
  • Time-saving Search – Calculate how much time and effort you will be able to free up by having Parliament Staffing help you grow your business by providing qualified candidates that are ‘a good fit’ for your practice.

Our 4-Step Hiring Process

  1. Process the Candidate
    1. Conduct A Personality Profile
    2. Identify the Candidate’s Qualifications and Goals
    3. Match the Candidate’s Qualifications and Goals with Potential Employer Profiles
    4. Select the Most Qualified Candidate
    5. Prep the Candidate with a Series of Preliminary Activities
      1. Self-assessment
      2. Interview Preparation
    6. Initiate Search
  1. Create a Clinic/Employer Profile
    1. Conduct a Needs Assessment
    2. Request Info Regarding Qualifications Sought in Candidate
    3. Initiate Search when Requested
  1. Set Up Interview with Clinic or Employer
    1. Schedule First Interview
    2. Relay Pertinent Information to Each Party
      1. Qualities and Characteristics Employer is Seeking
      2. Facility Attributes Candidate Prefers
      3. Candidate Qualifications, Vitae, Referrals and References
  1. Seal the Deal
    1. Set Up Final Interview (If needed)
    2. Confirm Acceptance by Both Parties
    3. Agree on Terms
    4. Schedule Placement
    5. Sign Contract
    6. Execute the Agreement

Parliament Staffing currently has several chiropractors seeking employment. Our agency screens DCs to provide you with a candidate that matches your needs. We have highly qualified applicants whom we would like for you to consider interviewing.

Stop wasting valuable time and money looking for ‘a good fit’ for your clinic. Let us look for you!

Review the sample Recruiting Agreement below to learn more. If you’re interested in having Parliament Staffing initiate a search, fill out the Clinic Profile provided and contact one of our Interview Specialists at quirozlin@parliamentstaffing.com or at 432-301- 9488 to get started! Don’t Delay. Call Today.